Monday, April 6, 2009

A Diamond is Forever

A Diamond is Forever
Jewels Trigger a Timeslip Into a High-Society Soirée


This happened in 1974 when I had just come back from overseas and was boarding with friends. I was 30 years old. One of the owners of the house, a young man in his middle 20s, was a credible piano player and I loved to hear him play.

This particular morning we went into the room where he had a piano and I sat down with my Siamese cat on my lap, preparing to hear him play. He did, and I slowly stroked the cat as I enjoyed the music. I looked down at the cat and also glanced at my hand, which had some diamond rings sparkling and winking on my fingers.

Then, suddenly, I was somewhere else -- a sort of shift of place and time -- instantly! I was instead sitting on a gilt chair in a large, large hall -- I somehow knew where I was. I was in one of England's old stately homes -- a country estate. My fingers and arms and chest and throat were covered with sparkling large and beautiful diamonds. I was basically in the same position as I was formerly, looking down at my glittering hand stroking a very large dog, sitting down beside me. This was a huge dog -- I don't know the breed, but like a Great Dane. It was light gold in color and it was my dog. On my right was a huge fireplace of pale stone, very old and unadorned. It was high enough for a tall man to walk inside it and not bow his head. The fire was not lit.

Around me was a small crowd of other people sitting on chairs, and we were listening to a man play a recital on a grand piano. This was after dinner and many women were also glittering with jewels. [This] I knew [was] the set of friends we moved in. We wore long dresses and I "feel" the time was the 1880s or thereabout, but not earlier.

Very strangely I remember no sound at all -- the whole scene played out in utter silence.

A man was standing by the fireplace -- who he was I do not know -- and also another dog was sitting down there in a relaxed position.

It was a relaxed atmosphere, rich and amiable, solid and secure, and I was enjoying myself. I "knew" I was the wife in this important country house, totally at home and enjoying my position. I would guess I was the same age as I was in real life.

Then...I was back in the real world -- like someone had shifted the scene -- instantly. There was no fading, just like a 'snap,' and I was back.

The present-time piano player was not aware of anything and I continued to sit there and listen until he finished, with no further strange "visions." The whole experience could not have taken more than a few seconds.

I had never experienced such a thing [and] was totally unprepared for it and quite shocked. I did not tell anyone about it for years, and then I found that no one was very interested anyway. All I got were jokes about drinking too much, so I kept it to myself.

This was nearly 30 years ago, and I still remember it most vividly. In fact, I can conjure up the scene if I close my eyes. I have since tried to make sense of it. To this end, I read many books on strange experiences. I have come to think it was what they call a "time-slip." It really does feel like a "shift".

Since then I have had weaker experiences of the same nature, years apart. It's like a "shift" is about to happen and then it does not, just a strange feeling.

I feel quite relieved to write it down after all this time.

--Anna Emanuel

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