Monday, January 18, 2021

Soldiers from the Past: a Time Slip in the New Forest

Thanks to David Dwyer of the UK for this submission:

My own experience happened in late Sept. 2020, near the town of Brockenhurst, in the New Forest. I had moved to Winchester a couple of weeks previously in order to start a short term job to keep me going until I got my visa and left the country. It was a nice day so I looked up a walk in the New Forest using a phone app called New Forest Walks and settled on one to a spot called Buckland Rings, about a 3 – 4 hour walk. I parked in the railway station car park and set off at a leisurely pace. Enjoying the scenery, the old church etc., I spoke to a couple of people as I passed them and stopped several times to take photographs. I wanted to get used to using my DSLR camera before emigrating. After a couple of hours - at about 1 pm approximately - I walked off the track, found a tree stump to sit on and eat my pack lunch. After finishing that, I starting walking back and took a few more shots.

After a while walking I became aware of some movement in the trees to my left and looked over to see a group of soldiers moving at a jogging pace, spread over about 50 – 60 meters moving across my path. They were dressed in old fashioned uniform, khaki, not camouflage, tin hats, some with twigs and small branches, carrying old fashioned rifles, not modern rifles. Prominent at the front, leading them and encouraging them was a soldier carrying a pistol and blowing a whistle. The group moved across my path; I was aware of some being behind me, but I did not turn around. The noise and sounds of them grew until I felt in the midst of it. But just as quickly the group moved about 30 meters to the right, the sound went, and the group disappeared. 

I assumed the group were reenactors or similar due to the old style clothing and rifles, and I made a mental note to find out who they were when I got home. I completed the walk, got in the car and drove home.

In the next couple of days I emailed the New Forest authority and asked if they could let me know who the group was. They replied that they had no idea and suggested I contact Brockenhurst College to see if it was the army cadets etc. from there.  Once again, the response was that they had no idea who it was and it was nothing to do with them. I still have the emails.


I left it at that until recently finding out about time slips and have become more intrigued by what I experienced.

Thursday, December 3, 2020

A woman hears a live radio show after its broadcast

This is an anonymous submission. The experience took place on 11-27-2020:

I have just had an experience I simply cannot explain. I am feeling quite disoriented.

My son presents a radio show every Friday evening, 6pm - 9pm, for a community radio station. Each week he has a small competition and gives the answer just before 9pm when his show finishes. Tonight, I was listening and heard him say that he would give the answer just before 9pm (as always). I looked at the clock and it was already nearly 9:15. I checked the other clocks and all said the same time. I listened further, but his show had finished.

I thought my son had made an embarrassing mistake in front of lots of listeners. I continued listening, thinking he must be presenting later than usual and that he would come back and make a joke about his mistake. However,  he did not come back. The next show had already started.

I have spoken to him and he insists his show was the same as always. Therefore I was listening to a conversation that took place at 8:50 approximately. The time, however, was between 9:10 and 9:15 pm. The show was live and was not recorded. I somehow 'lost' about 20 minutes.

I know this is nothing as exciting as some stories I have read about, but I truly believe I have experienced a time slip, albeit only for a few minutes. It has never happened to me before.

Friday, November 6, 2020

Forward Time Slip: Memory of a TV show that hasn’t aired yet?

This story is still developing, and I am posting for the record: 

This evening, my friend David referenced an episode that he particularly liked of the TV show Young Sheldon. The rest of us listening to him had no recollection of such an episode, and we all have seen all the aired seasons at least twice. So my friend Chad Googled the show and found that the only description of such an episode is one that will air next week, Nov 12, 2020. 

Yet, David had seen the episode. He was confused by our confusion. So I asked him to type out the details he remembered from the episode. Here they are, exactly as he typed them: 

“Young Sheldon volunteers at a train museum and gets let go, because he knows too much.  Sheldon’s tomboy sister gets her period while going to her baseball game.  Dad has to help her by getting products at a pharmacy.  Sheldon’s mom watches Roadhouse and bonds with older son about the movie.”

I know David is honest. Nor does he seem to have any interest in time slips. But just to cover all bases, I Googled some key words to see if I could find a synopsis with the details he gave. As of this evening, this is CBS network’s synopsis of the Nov 12 show:

“Sheldon gets a summer job at the local train museum. Also, George and Missy bond when Missy embarks on a new stage of womanhood, and Georgie discovers Mary's guilty pleasure.”

Also, here is a link to a detailed speculation of next week’s preview.

And another site with the CBS preview video:

So, we will have to wait a week to see if David’s account turns out to be accurate. And, if so, how did he see the episode before it aired? 

[Update: since posting this last night, I asked David for more details and he provided this: “I remember Young Sheldon ringing a bell inside the museum and it irritates the guy who hired him.  The gentleman who hired him has long straight hair and bald on top.  Sheldon dresses up in a conductor’s suit; he wanted to look the part.“]

Friday, July 10, 2020

Impossibly-instant Weather Change on the A14 (UK)

Thanks to Alan Macintyre for this story:

My wife and I experienced what could be a time slip yesterday on  the new A14 east of Cambridge. We were driving in the rain and we could see a sunny, clearer sky ahead of us. We had just entered the area and I put my sun glasses on, when suddenly the entire sky was dark and cloudy. Thinking it was my glasses, I took them off.
I turned to my wife an asked, “Where did the sun go? It just changed in an instant.”

We were both confused and looked around. The clear sky we had seen earlier had gone completely.

It was as if we had moved back about 5 minutes.
We could not stop talking and puzzling about it. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

A 1947 Time Slip to the 1800s

Thanks to John P. Harris for this fascinating story:

East End Bombsite: Napoleonic Timeslip

While on an ‘Anomalies’ themed chatroom back in 1998, I found one user called Elizabeth,
and kept as a regular contact. While discussing themes such as UFO sightings, crop circles, she then mentioned a case that her aunt had experienced after the Second World War. I was curious, so Elizabeth sent fragmented details via instant messenger of her aunt’s incident. Elizabeth’s aunt ‘Beryl’ [actual name omitted on request] who felt she might have slipped back to the early 1800's while exploring bomb sites with her elder sister Daisy.

On enquiry, I was told at the time that Beryl constantly reflects on what she experienced, emphasising it was not a hallucination or a fragment of false memory.

It was 1947, and though the war had ended, it was still a tough time. Beryl as a seven-year-old had returned to her parent’s home after being evacuated from Mile End Road , situated in London's east end. She was sent to live with relatives in Lincolnshire. Even as a child she found her original home rather strange, but spent time like all of the other east end kids by playing hopscotch or skipping in the semi derelict streets.
Beryl and her friends would use one of the battered Victorian lampposts by lashing some old rope on the struts to make a swing. Beryl always wanted to tag along with her older sister Daisy and explore the bombsites, as for most kids they were an adventure playground.

‘Sometimes you can find hidden treasure’ said one of Daisy's friends and added ‘Someone I know found a load of silver 'thrupneys' in an old vase'. Beryl, used to keep ‘mithering’ her elder sister to tag along, Daisy always said no and kept repeating ‘it’s too dangerous.’
However, on this occasion Daisy said ‘Come on then but don’t wander off because you will fall down a massive hole.’

Beryl described this particular day. ‘It was cold we walked what seemed for ages down the grimy damp streets as most of the buildings were in various stages of falling down.’
Beryl told her niece about how dangerous it was. ‘The houses that were partially standing up were propped up with massive wooden frames.’ In addition, you would get ‘half a house’ with the top room window frames with shards of glass sticking out like icicles, tethered to ripped curtains. 

They ended up on a street called Wellclose Square. 'It was an odd place' said Beryl.
She remembered how strange it was that some of the buildings were not touched, but still remained empty as most of the buildings were boarded up, except for one tallish looking house that had a gap in the wall like a giant mouse hole.

The house with the gap in the wall had a back garden, which was choked with weeds, but for some odd reason, Beryl found this particular house enchanting. One of triggers of the experience was the weeds; ‘The smell of the weeds created a strange atmosphere.’
Daisy was close by, but decided to explore an old outhouse and told Beryl to stay put.
Beryl clambered across the garden and decided to sneak into the hole that was under the window.

 As Daisy and her friends were throwing rocks onto the roof of shed, Beryl peeked into the gap, as she was small enough to squeeze through. While crawling through the gap trying to avoid the loose bricks and cobwebs, as she squeezed through, halfway into a room.
Beryl noticed a woman in old-fashioned clothes wearing a white linen cap, peering over big metal pot that was placed above a large open fireplace.

Taking a second glance, two other people appeared out of nowhere, one woman who was dressed in grey clothes wearing a crumpled bonnet, moments later, a man wearing a green coat with ribbings on the front, and a shako hat walked into the room.
Beryl described the scene ‘It was just like out of the Gainsborough films we used to watch at the pictures.’ [Gainsborough Studios, a London based film Production Company who on occasions would produce historical dramas].

Beryl added, ‘Inside the furniture looked really old-fashioned spindly chairs, striped wall coverings even though a large fire was roaring away in the large fireplace, I did not feel any heat.’ As she sneaked in for a closer look, suddenly a small boy who was dressed in a blue calico gown gave Beryl an inquisitive look and waved at her, then began shouting.
Somehow, as the toddler made such a noise, the other two people did not hear him or did not take notice. The boy continued to point and shout though Beryl could not hear any sound, but crept back slowly and ran off.

‘Hey Daisy‘ as she scrambled across the foot strangling weeds, ‘there are people in that empty house.’ Beryl tugged Daisy’s jumper and pulled her towards the garden.
‘What people?’ ‘It’s an empty house?’ said Daisy, ‘she was a bit miffed.’
Daisy still reluctant to follow Beryl across the weed strewn garden ‘you first Daisy,’ said Beryl. Daisy said ‘Alright then I am not scared’ and headed towards the ‘mouse hole’ in the wall. Moments later, Daisy replied ‘there’s nothing here just a dusty room full of bricks and rubble. ‘Beryl then followed inside, all she saw was a pile of wood, rubble and bits of coal strewn against the wall and it smelt damp, which ruled out there ever been a fire. They went back to the same place two days later.

The gap in the wall was not there, Beryl added ‘it looked intact as if there never had been any hole or any form of damage,’ ‘ I even took a closer look at the exact spot,’nothing it seemed untouched.’ I asked Elizabeth, what she thought. Her viewpoint was that the location had a curious history and highlighted the connection of the ‘people’ Beryl had seen.

Elizabeth studied the description of the man by researching historical records, as the man, whom Beryl describes, may have been a soldier who might have been off to war.
or had returned home, he was dressed in the British army uniform that could have dated to the Napoleonic war (1803-15).

© John p Harris 

Thursday, May 23, 2019

A Time-Slipping Kitchen/An Elevator from the Past

Thanks to Darren P for these submissions:

I have had two time slips, the first when I was 11 years old. I was looking through my house window at home hoping to see mum. Instead, there was a man wearing brown trousers and a white shirt stood at the kitchen sink. Then I noticed that the kitchen was different very old fashioned with what I now know as a Belfast sink. I entered the house only to see that the man had disappeared and the kitchen was back to it's 1979 norm. As a young boy, I was convinced this was a ghost.
Fast forward 39 years and I was walking up a street after parking my car to go buy some lunch and noticed a very old elevator with metal folding doors in a small factory. I had not even noticed the factory before, so I walk over to investigate. There was a man operating the elevator dressed in a brown work coat (similar to you find in old hardware stores) and a few people already in. The operator said to me "are you getting in or what?". I did jump in and the elevator went up a floor and everyone alighted. The operator then asked me if I was getting off. "No thanks, I need to go back" I replied and then I alighted back on the ground floor and made my way to my car. After crossing the road and opening my car door I turned to look at the factory. It was no longer there. Instead, there was a row of shops and cafes. This was in broad daylight during my lunch hour and certainly not a dream. Only then did I realise that this was similar to the man and the sink when I was a child. I just cannot stop thinking about it now.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Two fascinating stories from Australia

Here are my time slip experiences, both from when before I became an adult:

The first time, I was looking for a ruler (I was homeschooled).  My Mum told me there was one on the desk in the far corner of the lounge.  As I walked over there, I passed my Dad on the computer.  He had his email inbox up, but was talking on the phone to a contact of ours.  I happened to notice in passing an unread email from the contact titled "Hannah" at the top of the inbox (immediately below it was an email we'd read earlier about Answers in Genesis' Ark Exhibit).  I got the ruler, and headed back towards the kitchen.  Just after I passed the computer, Dad said "No, it hasn't come in yet."  I quickly looked and saw the the email "Hannah" WAS NOT THERE!  At the top of the list was the read Ark email.  a second later, I SAW THE EMAIL TITLED "HANNAH" FROM THE PERSON DAD WAS TALKING TO ARRIVE!  Saw it with my own eyes.  So, I saw an email before it was sent!
I found out afterwards that Hannah was the name of the contact's dog, and the email apparently contained a photo of the dog.  I had earlier heard Dad (in the phone conversation) say something about a dog, but I hadn't paid much attention, and certainly hadn't heard the name!

The second time occurred while my Dad was out - although whether he was out visiting or shopping, or if he was on a trip, I don't remember.  Anyway, my Dad rung, and Mum started talking with him on the phone (this is in the lounge - right next to the computer; about halfway along the lounge).  While Mum was talking with him, the microwave in the back of the kitchen beeped, indicating it had preheated.  She quietly asked me to sort it out.  I walked (at a brisk pace) straight to the microwave, opened the door, hesitated for a second - and then saw Mum right behind me!  Now, Mum is notoriously slow.  It's become a running joke in the family.  To have done that, she would have had to have immediately (and I mean literally IMMEDIATELY) hung up and walked quite quick behind me - which she had no reason to do.  I confirmed with my sister (who was in the lounge at the time) that Mum CONTINUED talking with Dad for a short time after I left, which makes her appearing a metre or two behind me IMPOSSIBLE!  Curiously enough, my sister said that while she hadn't paid attention to it at the time, there WAS a gap of time between when I entered the kitchen and when I opened the microwave (and I can personally attest that I DIDN'T DELAY!).  Did I skip a few minutes of time?

Submitted by JM1999