Saturday, May 30, 2015

3 Experiences - Anonymous Submission

The following stories are from a reader who wishes to remain anonymous: 

1)I returned from a two day trip out of town to find all the lights in my house were off. This was unusual because I normally leave a light on for myself, but thinking I must have forgotten this time, I proceeded to unlock the door and enter my house.  I did not notice the door had been pried open, because the porch light was off and the door was shut completely.  When I got inside and flipped on the light, I found that my ex-boyfriend from two years prior had broken into my house. His eyes were glassy and his pupils were tiny where he hid by the door waiting for me in the dark. He lept up from where he had crouched by the door when I turned on the light, and nose to nose with me demanded, "Give me the money that you owe me."  It was clear to me that he was on drugs.  I replied, "I don't owe you any money! You owe me money!" He attacked me, first punching me in the mouth, then tackling me to the ground he began strangling me. He said, "Do you realize that I could kill you right here and no one would hear your screams?" I was crying and pleading with him to let me up, I would give him some money.  Suddenly, as I struggled to breath, a feeling of deja vu swept over me.  I could clearly see another reality where he kept me by the throat and shook me, banging my head into the floor as my body went limp.  I could see that reality as if from above. I was also presented with the way to prevent it - to fight him. So, I grabbed his testicles in my fist and twisted them, and bit his thigh hard enough to pull the skin and draw blood.  He begged me to let go of him and fled out the back door, after which I ran to the neighbor's house and they called the police.  My strategy in mind up until the deja vu feeling was to plead with him and appeal to him.  In that moment it was shown to me he was drug-crazed and it did not matter how much money I would have given him. I mention this incident because, especially due to the strangulation, the psychological explanation for time slips surely carries a lot of water for this one. I consider this one a "sideways" time slip.  However, I have several more, two more of which I will describe.

2) I was driving down a steep, mountainous stretch of interstate.  I was happily jamming to my favorite music, the sky was blue and cloudless, the road stretched long and winding ahead of me. I saw an older model grey pickup truck speed past me and tear into the guard rail, hitting it to bounce off and spin back into the road.  There was nothing I could do.  I slammed my brakes, but my car t-boned the pickup truck, and I looked down after the car came to a stop at the deployed airbag and my seatbelt. I could see blood covering my chest, but I wasn't sure where it came from. I wondered if the driver of the pickup truck was ok, and looked up.  I could see through blood in my eyelashes.  I couldn't see the driver, but I could see the crushed pickup truck and a small child in a carseat in the extended cab. The child made direct eye contact with me, and I began to panic that the child's parent was seriously hurt, and trying to move out of my seat.  Both vehicles were still in the middle of the road, and I was panicking and struggling to get to the child because I was afraid someone would come along and hit us. I never made it out of the car, though. Suddenly, I was driving down the same stretch of interstate, on the gorgeous cloudless day, and the song that was playing was one that had been playing several minutes before the accident.  I clearly remembered what had happened (or would happen?) and I knew that if I switched to the far left lane, when the truck zipped past me on the right and spun, I would not hit it. I moved to the far left lane and a few minutes passed without anything happening, so I chalked it up to me being crazy. Suddenly, the older model grey truck zipped past and hit the guard rail, spinning out into the road.  In the far left lane, I went past where the truck spun into the road. I slammed my brakes as I passed and pulled onto the shoulder. The truck, which had been sideways in the road, pulled onto the shoulder.  The driver was fine, but he was calling the police since he hit the guardrail.  He was on the shoulder, and he and the child were out of danger, so I continued down the road.  Unlike the first incident I wrote about, when this incident happened there was no psychological trigger explanation because I was in no immediate danger, just enjoying a drive on a sunny day. I consider it a forward time slip and subsequent backwards time slip. However, sometimes the time slips happen when there is no danger at all, such as my third story.

3) It was another beautiful day and I was on my front porch playing Canasta on my phone.  I was curled up in  a wicker chair and pretty happy to be wasting a little bit of time doing something quick and fun on my day off. A hand of cards was dealt, and I was playing the hand when the deja vu feeling came over me.  I had already planned how to meld and which cards to discard when suddenly the cards before me were a completely different hand. I checked the score and it was much higher, in my team's favor.  I checked the time on my phone, and it was several minutes past the time when I was playing the hand I had planned out.  I looked at the chat messages for the game, and there were no chat messages for that missing time, which was unusual because all the players had been chatting with each other. I consider it a forward slip, and thought about asking the other players if they were also missing several minutes. I decided not to say anything, though, just in case they might think I was crazy.  Our in-game chat conversation continued as normal with just that unexplained several minute break in the conversation. Excluding the fact that there were multiple people involved, this time slip would fit the dementia explanation of losing time.  However, it seems to me that all four of us lost several minutes as evidenced by the several minute break in conversation in the chat log, with chat resuming as if no time had been lost.

Friday, February 13, 2015

A Lady Who Experienced Two Simultaneous Realities

Jack from Wellington submitted this story:

There was one [incident] that I recall that happened to a friend of a very close friend of mine, which resembles the parallel universe story above.

This lady and her stepdaughter were crossing a busy street with many lanes, and as they entered the final lane before reaching the other side, they realized they were going to be struck by a car. But instead of the car hitting them, they both wound up automatically on the other side of the road.

Then they appeared to have “hallucinated”, seeing themselves as though the vehicle had struck them. She can even describe the interior of the ambulance that she was transported in, and apparently later died in, even though she has never been in an ambulance before.

Both experienced this. She says she wakes up every day unsure if she’s living in a dream.
As I heard this story 15 years ago, it will not be 100 per cent accurate. And it apparently happened another 20 years before I first heard it.

I’m usually a little skeptical but this has come from someone who is not an attention-seeker…

Friday, November 21, 2014

Experiences of The Rising Family

Thanks to Kahren for these stories, the first two in memory of her parents, Ron and Doris Rising:

Experiences of Ron and Doris:

My mother Doris had several strange experiences.  I'm not sure what order they occurred in, and Mum was born in 1922 so they were all a long time ago.  Both my parents were skeptics, although my father Ron was always curious about unexplained things.  Mum on the other hand, preferred to ignore things she couldn't explain.  I'm telling you this as a way to explain that neither of them were the types to imagine things.  

My mother's 'displacement' experience happened as she was traveling on the top deck of a double-decker bus in London in around the 1950s, which is where all the experiences happened.  (We are Swedish, but lived in London).  As she was sitting there, she became aware of suddenly being out in the open, and she looked around to see that she was on the top deck of an 1800s horse-drawn double-decker omnibus.  She said she froze in shock.  The streets and everything around her had changed to what looked like early pre-Victorian times, and everyone was dressed in long dresses and frock coats.  She panicked and tried to speak the the other women sitting up there with her, but she said they didn't answer her and she wasn't sure if they could see her.  

It only lasted a few minutes, and then she was back where she belonged.  She had never heard of anything like that, and in fact none of us had, until I decided to do a search on it the other night.  
Mum was wide awake and alert, and definitely not given to flights of fancy.  She only told a couple of people, naturally Dad was one, and then me.  

Another unsettling experience happened when she was volunteering to help a friend pack up the friend's recently deceased aunt's house. This experience was one that Dad had told my brother and I about many times, and we always bugged Mum to recount the story - but she only told us once.  We always called it Mum's ghost story, but now that I read more accounts of 'time slips' I really think it may have been one of those.  

She was in a group of friends and they had been sorting and packing this lady's house up to help the family as they were grieving quite badly.  They were in the front rooms (the lounge or parlour) and had had a morning tea break earlier, when they stopped for lunch.  They all went into the kitchen, which was at the back of the house, and Mum went back to get her cup and saucer which she had left in the front room.  As she picked it up, an old lady came in and stared at her.  Mum assumed it was another volunteer, so she said hello, and explained that they had been packing all morning and were having lunch in the kitchen.  She asked the lady to come and join them.  The woman didn't respond, so Mum went closer and asked if she was alright but the lady still didn't respond.  She just kept looking at Mum.  

Mum excused herself and went back down to the kitchen and told the others that there was a lady who didn't look well in the front room. She explained what had happened, so the group of them all went to see if they could help the lady, who of course, was not there. 

Mum described her, and the lady they were helping left the room and came back with a photograph of a group of women and asked if the old lady was one of them.  Mum identified the dead aunt.  I think this was the first time she had had one of her experiences.  

Now I wonder if she had flipped back to a time when the lady would have come into the room during her life, and that is why she couldn't communicate with Mum, rather than actually being a ghost.  
Another experience was brief, Mum was at a party and she went outside to get some air and saw a man standing under a tree.  Thinking she knew him, she walked to him to greet him, but he disappeared when she got closer.  She ran back inside.  

The other experience involved both Mum and Dad.  They had gone for a day trip with a group of friends to visit a stately home in the country that was open to the public.  Dad was a commercial artist, and was always taking photos for reference for jobs, so he took lots of the home and the parklands around it.  In one of the photos, there was a long tree-lined driveway that curved off in the distance, so you couldn't see the house or any of the buildings.  It was autumn, and so there were leaves all over the ground and it was a beautiful photo. Dad asked everyone to move out of the shot, so he could just get the driveway and the trees, but when he developed it, there was a woman in Victorian dress standing right in the middle of the drive - staring straight into the camera.  Dad printed several copies and took them around to everyone who had gone with them on the day, and they were all amazed.  It became quite the tale to tell, and to then pull out the photo.  

Over time, the woman's image faded off the photo and I must admit that I was quite glad it was gone by the time I was born.  We still have the photos taken that day, but they are at my mother's house... If things get sorted out and I can get copies of the photo at any time, I will scan it and email it, although as I said, the woman is no longer there.  

These are true accounts of things my mother grudgingly told us, and she was a very morally upright person who wouldn't lie even under pressing circumstances.  

Kahren's own experience:

I have a strange story myself...I was in a very violent relationship for five years in the early eighties, a few years after my father had suddenly died.  I had been very viciously bashed one night, and the monster was frightened I might die so he took me to hospital.  I had my face stitched up and my head injuries treated, and the monster brought me home in the early hours of the morning.  When we walked into the flat, it was full of  a thick aromatic fog.  I realised straight away that it was my dad's pipe tobacco, a very aromatic one called Balkan Sobranie.  The monster ran through the flat opening windows and looking for the source of the smoke, while I just stood there feeling very weird and very safe.  When the monster came back to where I was standing, I just looked at him and said, "That's my dad's pipe tobacco."  As I said it, the fog vanished.  

He was so freaked out, I didn't get a beating for about six months.  I can't explain what happened.  I am not really a 'ghosty story' person.  The only ones I have ever believed were Mum's, but that's because I never knew her to lie, and she never sensationalised anything.

This is the first time I have told all these accounts, since I told my children years ago but as I said, I don't want my parent's lives to vanish into nothing.  

Ron and Doris Rising

Jocy - Repeated Time at Goodwill

This experience happened on 11/20/2014: Jocy (yes, again) was at the Goodwill store with her mom. She was in the checkout line, and the lady in front of her turned around and asked something about some items with white tickets. The lady behind Jocy answered the question, point to some racks, and the first lady asked if Jocy would hold her spot while she went to those racks to browse some more. Jocy agreed.

In the meantime, Jocy's mom joined her in the line. The lady behind her made a phone call, which suddenly dropped, and both Jocy and the lady had a conversation about the poor reception in the store.

Shortly afterward, the first lady came back and took her place again. A bit later, she turned around and asked the very same question she had asked before. Now, because Jocy has had this sort of thing happen so frequently, she tends to "steamroll," as she calls it, just plow on through and pretend it's not happening. So Jocy answered the question that the lady behind her had given earlier, and, again, the lady in front of her asked if Jocy would hold her spot. 

Jocy agreed, and her Mom walked up again. (I need to get the details - did her Mom suddenly disappear and Jocy didn't notice or had she just walked away?) 

The lady behind Jocy was now freaking out; she had witnessed the repeated event too. Jocy kept trying to calm  her down, telling her everything was OK and it would return to normal now (speaking from experience). 

I can't imagine how the lady must have felt. She must have wondered if Jocy was some otherworldy being who had orchestrated it somehow, rather than someone who had this sort of thing happen to her so often she tries to ignore it.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Recent time slip in Essex

The following account was submitted by Belle from Essex:

I was driving at the time (I know ... a little scary). It was a route that I have driven many, many times and I know the route very well. It is a straight road that leads to a small town near where I live. The road is a two-way road with fields either side, trees lining the road and a crematorium and some houses just before the road bends around. For a very short period of time (only minutes, if not seconds), I suddenly saw the road in a completely different light - the road was a dirt track, no tarmac, no pavements, the trees were still there, but they were a lot, lot shorter/smaller and the crematorium was gone as were the houses - it all looked very rural. As you can imagine, I was pretty taken aback and wondered what had just happened to me. It was all over so quick and I was back driving the tarmac road again. Very strange. I don't recall feeling like I was driving over rough terrain, in fact, nothing actual 'felt' different at all, it was all just visual. I have driven that route many times again since and it has never happened again.
I was alone in the car and so have no one to validate my experience, sadly. So, it could be I just went a little crazy for a few minutes.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Repeated Time

These two stories have, yet again, happened to my friend Jocy. 

1st story: A couple weeks ago, Jocy received an email from a friend along with an attachment of an essay. This friend wanted Jocy to read the essay before the friend submitted it to the professor. Jocy was discussing the essay with the friends currently around her at the time. She read through it, said (aloud) that it was fine, and that although the conclusion seemed rushed, she thought her friend could hand it in and get a decent grade.  

A while after this happened, the writer of the essay arrived on the scene. She mentioned that she needed to finish her essay so she could send it to Jocy to proofread.  Jocy informed her she had already read it. Her friend said she hadn't even finished writing it, let alone sent it.  When Jocy now looked on her phone for the essay, there was nothing.  As you can see, Jocy had witnesses for this event.

2nd story: Jocy was eating last night for her birthday dinner. One of the members of the party stood and announced that she was pregnant. Everyone congratulated her, etc, and then Jocy went to the bathroom. When Jocy returned, she was taking a sip of her drink (something she had been doing when the friend announced the pregnancy), and this same friend stood up. The whole thing happened again -- she announced she was pregnant, everyone congratulated her, etc. Jocy said nothing this time - she just went along with it. She is just really mystified about what is happening

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Time slips from Kent

Reproduced from:

Imagine ... you pass an acquaintance in the street and give a wave. Your acquaintance acknowledges you. He is going in the opposite direction. You immediately turn the corner and here is your acquaintance coming towards you once more. But he cannot be. That is impossible, for you saw him further back and going in the opposite direction only seconds earlier. He could not have arrived where he now is. To do that he would have had to turn back, run past you without your seeing him and then turn round and appear once more walking towards you. Or like some superhuman athlete he has raced round several streets to come face to face with you again. Or he has a double perhaps ... well, that is possible. He has a double though you never knew that. And remarkably the double is only yards ahead of your acquaintance. Unless, of course it is the double you are now seeing ... and isn't it strange that they are wearing identical clothes. And the second figure, now that he is up to you, also acknowledges your wave. No, this is without any doubt your friend.

There are several cases of this kind on record and it is reckoned that some kind of slippage in time has taken place. We imagine time to be something like a piece of string held out taut and that we move along it at the same pace. But, say this straight length of string somehow loses its tautness, that in some way it gets a loop in it. What it [sic] time sometimes does this? It may be a highly unscientific way of describing time, but perhaps it helps us to understand what might have happened when you twice meet your friend in the street. Either he or you somehow walked round the loop.

Enough of trying to describe time-slips. Here is a fascinating illustration from Tunbridge Wells. On the morning of 18th June1968, and elderly lady, Mrs Charlotte Warburton, went shopping with her husband in the town. They decided to go their separate ways for a while and to meet up later. That morning, unable for find a particular brand of coffee from her usual grocer she went into a supermarket in Calverley Road. As she entered the shop she saw a small café through an entrance in the left-hand wall. She had never before realised that there was a café there. It was rather old-fashioned with wood panelled walls. There were no windows and the room was lit by a number of electric bulbs with frosted shades

There was at the time, she thought, nothing especially odd about the scene. 'Two woman in rather long dresses were sitting at one table and about half a dozen men, all in dark lounge suits, were sitting at the other tables further back in the room,' she said. 'All the people seemed to be drinking coffee and chatting ... a normal sight for a country town at eleven o'clock in the morning.'

Mrs Warburton did not stay but she certainly did not recognise anything amiss either then or indeed for several days. Even the rather formal and slightly off-key clothing made no immediate impression on her. Nor did the fact that although the customers were talking there was no noise from them to cause her to question her senses. Nor did she notice that there was no smell of coffee.

There is clearly something strange here. Yet without questioning the circumstances in which she found herself, Mrs Warburton blithely left the café and went to meet her husband. And she did not suggest to him that the scene at the café seemed in any was odd.

When they came to Tunbridge Wells on their next shopping expedition Mrs Warburton decided to take her husband to the café. Or rather, she hoped to take his [sic] there. But, of course, they never did find the place though they searched the street up and down. No, they were told in the supermarket, there was no café there. She must be in the wrong building. It was then that they learned about the Kosmos Kinema which had stood on the site of the supermarket. They were directed to the Tunbridge Wells Constitutional Club, where the steward told them that at one time the Constitutional Club had owned the premises adjoining the Kosmos, which was now incorporated into the supermarket. The club had had an assembly room in those days and to the rear a small bar with tables for refreshments. Mrs Warburton's description tallied exactly with the club's old refreshment room.

The bar, the cinema and the assembly room had all vanished years ago, Mrs Warburton was told. Yet, on 18th June 1968, she had stepped into the past and like others involved in time-slips had accepted without question, the place in which she found herself. Retrospective clairvoyance, it is called. Whatever it is, it is mighty odd to contemplate.

Another time-slip incident took place in Kent some years earlier. In 1935 Dr EG Moon, a very down-to-earth Scots Physician with a practice in Broadstairs, was at Minster in Thanet visiting his patient, Lord Carson, who lived at Cleve Court, a haunted house referred to elsewhere in the section. After talking to Carson, the doctor left his patient and made his way downstairs into the hallway. His mind was very clearly occupied at the time with the instructions he had given the nurse about the prescription he had left for Carson. At the front door Dr Moon hesitated, wondering whether to go back upstairs to have another word with the nurse.

It was at this point that the doctor noted that his car was no longer where he had left it in the driveway. In fact, it had been parked alongside a thick yew hedge and that, too, was missing. Even the drive down which he had driven from the main road was now nothing but a muddy track, and a man was coming towards him.
The newcomer on the scene, only thirty yards from Dr Moon, was rather oddly dressed wearing an old-fashioned coat with several capes around his shoulders. And he wore a top hat of the kind seen in the previous century. As he walked he smacked a switch against his riding boots. Over his shoulder he carried a long-barrelled gun. He stared hard at Moon. And the doctor registered the fact that the man coming towards him might have looked more at home in the 19th century.

Remarkably, Dr Moon seems not at the time to have been either alarmed or even mildly surprised by the changed scenery, by the quite oddly dressed man approaching his or the fact that his car was missing. What preoccupied him was the thought of Lord Carson's prescription. He simply turned away, without any concern, to go back into the house. But he did quite casually take one more look at the scene he was leaving. And now, as if by magic, the car was back where it had been and the yew hedge too. The drive was no longer a muddy track. And the man had also disappeared, back one assumes to the previous century. And it was only now that Dr Moon realised that something odd, something decidedly odd, had occurred.

All of this took seconds and so there is every reason to understand why Dr Moon did not immediately go out into the driveway to see where his missing car was. For the same reason it is understandable why he did not speak to the man dressed like a farm bailiff of the past. Dr Moon was drawn into some kind of accepting, hallucinatory state. When he came to - for that seems to be the best way of describing his return to his own time - he described to Lady Carson what he thought had occurred. He was anxious, however, that no word of if should come out in his lifetime for fear that his patients would begin to question his judgement. It was only after his death that the story was revealed.

It is difficult to grapple with the notions of time-slips. It may be that all past events are impressed into the fabric of buildings and that in some way and on some occasions they are released. In other words, what Mrs Warburton and Dr Moon saw were ghosts but not solely of people, but of all of their surroundings.

Or did Mrs Warburton and Dr Moon actually return to a real, physical past? Did they turn up as strangers, were they really the interlopers, at somebody else's present? If so - and this is an intriguing yet unanswerable question - did some people drinking coffee on Saturday morning in a Tunbridge Wells café look up and see Mrs Warburton? Did a man dressed like a farm bailiff, walking towards Cleve Court one day well over a hundred years earlier, see a strangely dressed doctor at the front door of the house? Did the coffee drinkers ever wonder where the elderly lady had so suddenly gone? And did the farm bailiff ask himself how the oddly dressed figure in the doorway had so suddenly disappeared?

Strangely, Tunbridge Wells has thrown up another odd story that may or not have been a time-slip. This tale goes back to some time in the mid-19th century and it took place in The Swan Hotel, in the Pantiles. Mrs Nancy Fuller and her young daughter, Naomi, on their first visit to the town, took a room at the top of the hotel, the room now number sixteen. As they climbed the stairs to their room the girl's behaviour began to change. She appeared more and more agitated, closing her eyes and whispering to herself. When her mother asked her what was wrong Naomi replied that she recognised the stairway, that she had been there before. Then she came out with an astonishing remark that her lover was waiting for her in the room as he had said he always would. When they entered the room the young girl went at once to the corner, calling out 'John' as though to someone standing there waiting. For a few seconds in her mother's eyes she seemed to change, to grow older, an even her clothing was that of an earlier time.

The story that Naomi later told her mother was that she had previously lived in this building when it was a privately owned house. This was certainly before 1835 when it became The Swan. In the days when Naomi had lived there it had been known as High House. The young girl went on to explain that she had a love affair with a man called John but her father had disapproved, had had the young man taken away and locked her in her room. Alone in the room, aware that she would never again see him, she had conjured up the image of John and holding the hand of her imagined lover, she had jumped to her death from the window.

Room sixteen is haunted. There are still tales of disarranged bed covers and of chairs being moved and tapping at the window. Some have claimed to hear the cry 'John' carried on the wind.

But is this an early example of a time-slip? It differs from the other accounts in that Naomi was aware of a past life and her part in it. Some have regarded this story as an instance of reincarnation. Others have seen it as déja vu. But if reincarnation is the answer, what is it that triggers such an awareness of it? And if déja vu, how can that come about? It is all so complex. Perhaps it is simply a haunting resulting from a young girl's suicide. But the story is so curious that the idea of a time-slip is tempting.