Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Recent time slip in Essex

The following account was submitted by Belle from Essex:

I was driving at the time (I know ... a little scary). It was a route that I have driven many, many times and I know the route very well. It is a straight road that leads to a small town near where I live. The road is a two-way road with fields either side, trees lining the road and a crematorium and some houses just before the road bends around. For a very short period of time (only minutes, if not seconds), I suddenly saw the road in a completely different light - the road was a dirt track, no tarmac, no pavements, the trees were still there, but they were a lot, lot shorter/smaller and the crematorium was gone as were the houses - it all looked very rural. As you can imagine, I was pretty taken aback and wondered what had just happened to me. It was all over so quick and I was back driving the tarmac road again. Very strange. I don't recall feeling like I was driving over rough terrain, in fact, nothing actual 'felt' different at all, it was all just visual. I have driven that route many times again since and it has never happened again.
I was alone in the car and so have no one to validate my experience, sadly. So, it could be I just went a little crazy for a few minutes.