Sunday, August 29, 2010

Time Anomaly Experienced by Starfire Tor and Anne Strieber

This is a time anomaly of a sort I have never heard, where all people involved exist in the current time.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Random Time Slip Experience

The account below was written by Alpha. See reference below.

Hey Guys, Several days have passed since I last visited this site and within that particular duration of time I underwent a momentous, unnerving paranormal phenomena, the likes of which I have never experienced nor have heard of prior to the event. The experience was both a blessing and a terrible nightmare at the same time.

Now, I consider myself a person who has a natural affinity with the paranormal. Growing up, I was accustomed to seeing specters, demons and even a vampire! The paranormal has been a recurring trait in my family (derived from my father’s side who comes from a long-line of psychics and mediums)but the event I experienced makes my other experiences seem redundant.

I believe what I experienced was a time slip. A supposed anomaly where time doesn’t flow in the linear fashion we perceive it to flow in.

Anyway, the day started of with my best friend and I meeting up to go on a road trip, outside our home town. We were relishing the freedom summer vacation provided and we were just glad to be away from college and back at home with our family. The trip was no more then a recreational pursuit, enabling us the opportunity to observe the scenic, photogenic tourist attractions residing outside our town and within the State.

The day went on smoothly and it was an enjoyable ride. It was only in the latter part of the journey, that the trip began to take a turn for the worst.

It was evening and we were on our way back. The return trip should have taken no more then 3-4 hours top. As we entered a particular route, the calm cloudless conditions suddenly altered into dark, cloudy weather. This rapid transition was rather peculiar but being the ignorant teenagers we were, we let it go and just continued with our conversation. As we drove on a bit more, it became apparent that a storm was unfolding. This storm wasn’t any different other then the fact that the clouds seemed to take on a mild yellow hue and the air seemed to be buzzing with electricity. The hair on our necks started to stand up and the speedometer and gas reading on the car went haywire. At this point, my friend became startled and she started to complain about the sudden lack of cars. There were a few cars that were tailing by in the near vicinity and since the road was straight it was rather creepy that they just disappeared.

By now, it was fairly obvious we were both freaked out and we came to a stop. It was fortunate that we did so because the car completely cut out and the storm became more intense. We both got out of the car and I volunteered to travel up the road a bit in search of some help whilst she stayed with the car. I was certain that there were a few houses along this route and continued trekking along the road. The storm began to psyche me out all the while.

It was about a while through the trek that the storm seemed to reach a climax with loud, discordant thunder and intense lightning before it abruptly stopped. Almost immediately after the storm stopped it dawned on me that the scenery had changed, becoming rather peculiar. It wasn’t so much the type of vegetation and natural features but the repetitiveness of them and their structure or shape. Perhaps this was an overreaction but it just felt abnormal.

After having covered 2 miles I began to lose hope when all of a sudden I noticed a bright light behind this hill. I hadn’t noticed the hill before but considering my attention span I didn’t think much of it . As I rounded the hill I came across what appeared to be a street, that lead into a residential area. Filled with elation, I jogged along the street and it was then that the street struck me as being odd, because the houses had garage designs that were circular and the roofs contained what I think were sheets of a dark metal rather then tiles. The street was also really quiet…

I walked about the street a bit when I heard laughter. Traversing to the source of the laughter I came across a house with a middle-aged woman,(who coincidentally reminded me of my best friend) probably in her late 40s or early 50s playing and laughing along with her grandchildren in the front lawn. I approached the house and said ‘Excuse me, do you mind helping me out’. She turned and looked at me and then an expression of pure consternation and dread enveloped her. She immediately stood up and backed away a bit and started to rapidly exclaim, ‘Oh my god… this can’t be…’. This really scared the **** out of me to say the least. She reacted like I was a ghost!! I know at that point I should have left, but I was reluctant to do so out of fear she may call the cops mistaking me for a serial killer or a robber of some sort, so instead I tried calming her down and pleading with her. ‘Wait..please calm down…I just need help…please I really need help’ I said. Those last few words, I uttered pleadingly because I was getting desperate.

Fortunately for me, she must have registered my desperation because she stopped backing away and approached me a bit closer and again I thought I saw my best friend in her….Strange as it seems I felt a closeness to her at that point. Her grandchildren by now were crying and she tried to console them. When they quieted down, she turned, face to face, and said ‘Is it really you Jessica, honey?’. At this point I felt my bowels vibrate and my stomach squeeze itself.(Now there are only 2 people who call or have called me Jessica. The first person is my best friend who does it as a joke considering my name is Jesse, whilst the 2nd person is my grandpa who loathes me and considers me an effeminate disgrace.) To reply I said, ‘How did you know?’. It was at this point I looked at her and saw a strange mark below her blonde hair, on her cheek. It was a burn mark…. now this is important because my best friend had a burn mark too on the exact same position.

I started to back off and I began to sweat profusely. It was incredibly uncomfortable… She also seemed rather unnerved and made a strange whimpering noise to which her grandchildren started to cry again. I was incredibly uncomfortable where I was and felt the desire to run away were it not for an inclination holding me back. In all honesty…it was weird…really disturbing and confusing…

Her grandchildren were now screaming and she tried to console them. I looked at her and said ‘Please…what’s going on?’. She looked at me and said ‘I’m not sure honey, but it’s wonderful to see that gorgeous, youthful complexion of yours again’. I looked at her as if she was insane! (In fact, amidst the fleeting suspicions that she was a future version of my best friend I tried to reassure myself she was no more then a person suffering from dementia).

The noise of her grandchildren now attracted the attention of people inside the house. A man, probably in his late 20s to early 30s, with a tousled mat of blonde hair and a white coat on came rushing forth. As he draw closer, the uncanny similarity between me and him scared me. ‘Mum, what’s going on?’ he shouted. He rushed forth and stopped as he looked at me. ‘No way…’ he said. ‘Dad, it can’t be…no…but your young…’. By now I felt like vomiting and I had ***** my pants, quite literally. 2 more people came out of the house. A gorgeous blonde girl with a business suit and another young man with a business suit. They looked at me and the girl quickly stated ‘Holy crap, he looks like dad did in his college photos!’.

By now my vision began to fade (I guess cause of stress) and the strange stormy weather had reappeared, much more intense then what it was. The lady turned to her daughter. I looked at her and saw a gorgeous beaming face. A face that I’ve grown accustomed to since I was a young toddler. I felt certain it was my best friend’s face.

At that point I actually felt happy and before I knew what happened, the storm started to become more severe (quite ominous really) and then it was pitch dark ,I was in the middle of a field, with trees and cows off in the distance and I blacked out.

I woke up sometime later by the farmer who found me and had called an ambulance. I was at the hospital and before I knew it my best friend had came along with my family. She told me that 8 hours had passed since I left till the farmer found me and it was just about sunrise of the next day. Apparently I was found 120 miles from where the car was. She asked me what happened and I said I don’t know. I think she knew I was lying but she hasn’t mentioned it again. I doubt I’d ever tell her.

The actual encounter with the lady lasted no more then 5-7 minutes top, but I can remember it with such clarity and detail and the time I thought till I left the car to the point I blacked out was no more then an hour tops!

The above recount is 100% true and I hope you all believe me. I posted this account because I truly can not explain it and I hope you guys can make some sense of it. It was a bitter-sweet experience, but a confusing one in many senses….paranormally and relation-ship wise and definitely has impacted on me to say the least…

It has caused me to question the parameters of what we refer to as the paranormal. I never knew a phenomena such as time travel existed and am certain I had a glimpse of the future.

Sincerely Alpha.

Written by Alpha, Copyright 2009 used with permission.