Wednesday, February 6, 2013

An Errant Errand

This story, which I can only tell in abbreviated form until I get the full version from my friend Dana, happened to Dana's mother-in-law a couple weeks ago:

Dana's mother-in-law, whom I'll call Ms. B, works in an office as a secretary.  One Wedesday, her boss gave her a series of instructions, including mailing a certain document that was signed and ready to go.  She ran the errands, and when she returned to the office, everyone was in somewhat of an uproar because nobody had any idea where she had gone.  When she explained she had just been running the errands the boss had told her to, the boss claimed to have never given her any of those instructions.  Worse, the document she had just mailed wouldn't be signed and ready until Friday, so she had mailed an incomplete document.

The mystery remains unsolved, and this poor lady has only her memory as a witness.  It upsets her so much, in fact, that she refuses to talk about it, so I can only get the story from Dana.  But when I get the details, I'll update.