Monday, April 16, 2012

Another UMHB Time Slip

The following story was just relayed to my friend Josie who told me the previous UMHB reality/time shift stories. After Josie's story circulated around campus, she received word that an alumnus of UMHB wanted to hold of her. When Josie finally reached the lady, whom I'll call Jean, Jean relayed this story:

Roughly 10 years ago, when Jean was attending UMHB, she was in the very same hallway of the science building where the other two stories had taken place. As she stood in the hall, a light over her suddenly went out. It was then she realized she was standing on tile flooring rather than carpet.

"When did we get tile?" she asked someone. They seemed incredulous that she didn't recall the carpet recently being torn up and tile laid down. At the time of this conversation, Jean also noticed a male student talking to himself. She found that odd. She then went downstairs.

A while later she came back upstairs -- and was stunned to find the hallway again carpeted and the light that had gone out was back on. She never told anyone this experience until years later when she learned of Josie's story. She then felt free to share.

Josie told me that the science hallway has been tiled since she has been attending UMHB -- and years after Jean graduated. Cell phones are common nowadays, which could explain the male student "talking to himself." It definitely seems to have been a brief time slip into the future.

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  1. I like this one. You don't really hear about slips into the future as much as you do the past.