Monday, February 17, 2014

Proofing an essay before it was written / A pregnancy announcement twice in a row

These two stories have, yet again, happened to my friend Josie

1st story: A couple weeks ago, Josie received an email from a friend along with an attachment of an essay. This friend wanted Josie to read the essay before the friend submitted it to the professor. Josie was discussing the essay with the friends currently around her at the time. She read through it, said (aloud) that it was fine, and that although the conclusion seemed rushed, she thought her friend could hand it in and get a decent grade.  

A while after this happened, the writer of the essay arrived on the scene. She mentioned that she needed to finish her essay so she could send it to Josie to proofread. Josie informed her she had already read it. Her friend said she hadn't even finished writing it, let alone sent it.  When Josie now looked on her phone for the essay, there was nothing.  As you can see, Josie had witnesses for this event.

2nd story: Josie was eating last night for her birthday dinner. One of the members of the party stood and announced that she was pregnant. Everyone congratulated her, etc, and then Josie went to the bathroom. When Josie returned, she was taking a sip of her drink (something she had been doing when the friend announced the pregnancy), and this same friend stood up. The whole thing happened again -- she announced she was pregnant, everyone congratulated her, etc. Josie said nothing this time - she just went along with it. She is just really mystified about what is happening.

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