Friday, November 21, 2014

Josie - Repeated Time at Goodwill

This experience happened on 11/20/2014: Josie (yes, again) was at the Goodwill store with her mom. She was in the checkout line, and the lady in front of her turned around and asked something about some items with white tickets. The lady behind Josie answered the question, pointed to some racks, and the first lady asked if Josie would hold her spot while she went to those racks to browse some more. Josie agreed.

In the meantime, Josie's mom joined her in the line. The lady behind her made a phone call, which suddenly dropped, and both Josie and the lady had a conversation about the poor reception in the store.

Shortly afterward, the first lady came back and took her place again. A bit later, she turned around and asked the very same question she had asked before. Now, because Josie has had this sort of thing happen so frequently, she tends to "steamroll," as she calls it, just plow on through and pretend it's not happening. So Josie answered the question that the lady behind her had given earlier, and, again, the lady in front of her asked if Josie would hold her spot. 

Josie agreed, and her Mom walked up again. (I need to get the details - did her Mom suddenly disappear and Josie didn't notice or had she just walked away?) 

The lady behind Josie was now freaking out; she had witnessed the repeated event too. Josie kept trying to calm  her down, telling her everything was OK and it would return to normal now (speaking from experience). 

I can't imagine how the lady must have felt. She must have wondered if Josie was some otherworldy being who had orchestrated it somehow, rather than someone who had this sort of thing happen to her so often she tries to ignore it.

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