Sunday, June 18, 2017

At-HomeTime Loop

This amazing story is from an anonymous poster:

Just want to tell you what happened to me in 1999.
It was quick but wicked nonetheless...
I was propped up with my back against the headboard of my bed. I was watching a movie waiting for dinner. My wife was sitting at the computer to the left of the TV, her back to me. My 12 year old son walked in and stood directly in front of the TV  (blocking my view) and proceeded to ask his mom a question. She turned around for a moment and answered his question, so he left the room. At the moment he left the room (turned right and out of sight), he walked back in. I sat there watching the entire identical thing happen again. Absolutely word for word, motion for motion. I do remember (purposely) my state of mind at the time. It was after a long day of work. I was very relaxed and nothing on my mind. Just chillin and watching an old black and white Western. And BAM! Crazy time slip.

I knew what had just happened but I couldn't even tell my wife at that moment. She would have thought I was crazy.
Anyway, it never happened to me again as far as I know. Just thought I'd share.


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  2. My name is John Michael, I am the one of whom the story above is written. Naomi was very gracious to post it on this sight nearly a year ago. My search 20 years later of the account still continues to this day. I wish it would happen again so I can "look" at it this time. Maybe pay more attention to what is happening in the back ground. Something like this is very real. Dimensional doorways, time travel, parallel universes, who knows? I still search however. Anyway, good journey my friends.

  3. Well I know that I'm a bit late but do you remember a slight jerk (by your wife or son) or a loud voice calling you (for dinner maybe)?